Is Hiring a Professional Tree Service Worth the Money?

There are many areas of your home and your yard where you can save significant amounts of money by taking care of the upkeep yourself. For example, if you’re reasonably capable with a paintbrush you can probably get by without the services of an interior designer.

A little time and effort invested in researching plants and your yard conditions should yield enough skill to keep your yard looking pretty and generally under control without having to splash out on a professional landscaper.

One area however where it can be harder to justify a do it yourself attitude is with your trees – particularly with any kind of work that could be outsourced to a licensed professional.

For one thing, unlike some other maintenance jobs found around your home, tree surgery skills are very hard to learn simply from reading guides and watching how to videos.

Those particular skills are in fact largely gained through experience more than anything else. If you have those skills therefore then you should be extremely happy (and proud!) and of course this article is not really for you.

If however you’re a complete novice to the world of tree surgery then it can be a frightening world to simply dive into. Plus, if you need to practice and gain skills, then are your own trees really the area where you want to practice these skills? Would you be happy sitting out in the garden looking at a butchered, hacked to pieces tree line?

Another thing that a professional tree company brings to the table is planning skills – and in the area of tree care, planning skills are essential! After speaking with a close friend of mine Tom, who owns and operates his own tree removal company prior to writing about this, I realized how important proper planning really is!

For one thing, they will be able to assess any difficulties in accessing the tree(s) that require work.

This would extend from knowing what equipment that might be required and how to get that equipment safely to the work site, to assessing potential dangers in the working area such as overhead power lines.

They will also be able to assess and carefully plan the path of any falling branches during a general trim and prune of your trees. If however the entire tree needs to come down, then they will be able to plan for this also – and of course here planning is extremely important!

A professional tree surgeon will be able to accurately predict where a tree will fall, helping in protecting your property during the removal process.

Removing a tree doesn’t end when it’s on the ground however; there is also the question of what to do with the tree stump left behind in the ground. Here too however, a professional tree surgeon will be able to assist as they have a wide range of techniques to remove a stump – which can often be a more troublesome task than actually felling the tree in the first place!

Finally, a tree service will bring with them all of the equipment needed to safely tackle the job, which includes various types of chainsaws, winches, harnesses and a wide array of safety equipment. For you to have all this equipment yourself would be extremely expensive not to mention taking up an awful lot of space within your home.

So while it may be tempting to consider taking on tree pruning or felling yourself, hopefully this article will have given you a few reasons as to why, in terms of money, time and above all personal safety, sometimes it’s better to leave some jobs to the professionals!

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